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cbd isolate 2500 mg bliss remedy
cbd isolate 2500 mg remedy

    REMEDY 30ml Tincture (2500mg CBD oil)

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    Bliss Formula - Remedy works with the body's natural healing faculties to ease pain, inflammation and to aid in obtaining deep rest for optimum full-body rejuvenation.


    We created Bliss Formula - Remedy in a concentration that works best to ease pain and inflammation within the body as well as providing the perfect inner-environment to obtain deep sleep each night. Remedy is our formula that is best suited for full-body rejuvenation.

    When pain and inflammation are present in the body our entire life experience can be effected including our mood, motivation, our passion for life and our work production just to name a few. 

    Bliss Formula - Remedy works to relax the Central Nervous System to a Very Strong level which allows the mind and body to go into deep relaxation and recovery. The natural pain-killing aspect in our Remedy formula results from the activation of 2 receptors in the brain. Glycine receptors or GlyRs are responsible for pain regulation deep inside the nervous system - at the spinal level and TRPV1 receptors work to regulate pain perception, body temperature, and inflammation. 

    Poor sleep is almost always due to an imbalance of the nervous system creating a cascade of effects that can lead to sleepless nights. Remedy having a Very Strong relaxation of the CNS works powerfully to dissolve, sleep blockages, stress, tension, inflammation and pain offering your body the relief it requires for proper rejuvenation.

    By reducing anxiety levels through the Serotonin pathway and activating the body's own Endocannabinoid system (ECS), Bliss Formula - Remedy is scientifically proven to be helpful in reducing sleep difficulties  increasing overall sleep amounts, and correcting insomnia.



    • Reduces pain and inflammation
    • Increases recovery from weights training / sports / fitness competition
    • Decreased recovery time post-surgery or injury
    • Improvement of insomnia and other sleep problems 
    • Recovery from hang-overs and nights out
    • Relief of Chronic anxiety 
    • Immune system booster
    • Powerful release of Anandamide the 'bliss' molecule, in the brain
    • Decreased recovery time post-surgery or injury


          Enjoy the boosting effects of Bliss Formula - Remedy for:

          • Whenever pain is experienced in the body
          • Long flights and travel
          • Before bed-time for an amazing sleep
          • Before massage or any type of body work
          • In replacement of pain medication


                Each bottle of Bliss Formula - Remedy contains 2500mg of high-grade CBD isolate extract. Each bottle is 30ml in total, giving 83.3mg of CBD isolate extract per 1ml.

                Using the measured glass pipet place 1-2ml directly into the mouth and swallow. Take as needed in the relief of pain and inflammation, and 30 minutes before bedtime to promote better sleep.

                The solution is enjoyable standalone however you can place in water or juice at your preference.

                INGREDIENTS: 2500mg CBD Isolate (Supercritical CO2 Extracted) MCT oil.

                • Organically Grown Hemp (Kentucky origin)
                • Manufactured in USA
                • Approx. 83.33mg CBD extract per 1mL serving.
                • HPLC Tested
                • Compounded in MCT oil

                  * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

                  Customer Reviews

                  Based on 6 reviews
                  Highly recommended!!!

                  AMAZING product!!

                  Anxiety levels reduced heaps and I can now sleep like a baby!!

                  It also helps a lot with my recovery after a knee reconstruction

                  Ben - UNIQ

                  I bought this product for a couple of clients to assist with COPD and recovery from neck injury and has worked a treat using a smaller dose then recommended

                  Anneka L

                  Highly recommend

                  Works wonders

                  I got this product to alleviate my restless legs of a night, it has helped me have a good night sleep while also reducing my anxiety which is an added bonus. Total convert!

                  Robert Hendley

                  I'm quite a harsh critic when it comes to thing's like these but I've just started having this when my back and shoulder start hurting. Also it really does help you have a good night's sleep so i highly recommend this product 👊👍