CBD Ritual bliss formula
CBD Ritual bliss formula tincture
CBD Ritual bliss formula
CBD Ritual bliss formula isolate 1500mg

    RITUAL 30ml Tincture (1500mg CBD oil)

    $90.00 $150.00

    Creates a calmer body, a perfect partner for your daily mood-boosting Ritual.


    We created Bliss Formula - Ritual in a concentration that works best to put the mind and body at ease for sustained feelings of wellbeing and positive emotion due to natural seretonin activation from our high grade CBD Isolate ingredient. 

    Stress from our day-to-day life not only effects our mind but also effects our body. Bliss Formula - Ritual works to relax the Central Nervous System to a Strong level which allows stress, tension and anxiety to dissolve in the body, similar in effect to its chemical counterparts in the diazepam families however, Bliss Formula - Ritual CBD Isolate oil is 100% Hemp derived CBD and 100% part of nature. As a result within in the body, emotions become clearer and the mind becomes more at ease with a greater ability to be present in any task chosen for the day. 



    • Relieves Stress in the body

    • Relieves Anxiety in the body

    • Assists Reset of the Central Nervous System

    • Appetite Balance and Regulation
    • Regulates Serotonin 'feel good' receptors in the brain
    • Release of Anandamide the 'bliss' molecule, in the brain


    Enjoy the boosting effects of Bliss Formula - Ritual for:

    • Part of a natural serotonin Mood-Boosting daily ritual
    • Greater mind/body connection in: Yoga, Stretching and Fitness Training
    • Creative activity enhancer

    • Assistance with Daily Anxiety
    • Romantic Enhancement (emotional and sensational)

    • Mental Performance for all daily activities


    Each bottle of Bliss Formula - Ritual contains 1500mg of high-grade CBD isolate extract. Each bottle is 30ml in total, giving 50mg of CBD isolate extract per 1ml.

    Using the measured glass pipet place 1-2ml directly into the mouth and swallow. Take first thing in the morning before you begin your morning routine or before your favourite leisure activity.

    The solution is enjoyable standalone however you can place in water or juice at your preference.

    INGREDIENTS: 1500mg CBD Isolate (Supercritical CO2 Extracted) MCT oil.

    • Organically Grown Hemp (Kentucky origin)

    • Manufactured in USA

    • Approx. 50mg CBD extract per 1mL serving.

    • HPLC Tested

    • Compounded in MCT oil

      * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


    Customer Reviews

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    Jake Hammond
    Calm All Day

    I ordered the Bliss Formula - Ritual into Australia after finding this brand online. There are not may high quality brands in Australia so I gave these guys a go. From the first dose I knew this was a quality CBD product, I had a warm calming wave wash over me in about 30 minutes, by 45 minutes my entire body was relaxed and my thoughts were clear and positive. This effected lasted all day up until my bed time.

    I'm very happy I've found the Bliss Formula crew, I will now be using this product every day and i'm excited to see what the long term effects of taking this CBD are. Great work team!